Hi, I’m Anna. I’m a writer and student living in Chicago, originally from Atlanta. I study graphic design, electronic music, the glycemic index of vegan chocolate chips, and how to properly apply liquid eyeliner.

There are some days when I want to change the world through great acts of peace and humility, or create profound, provocative art, and some days when all I really want to do is drink tea and bleach my hair.

I keep a gallery of some of my artwork at http://minslow.tumblr.com. I’m also on LinkedIn.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. “I don’t know what I want but somedays I want to change the world and somedays I just want to drink tea”

    YES – omg on some days this is exactly me, except add that on somedays I just want to drink tea, read a book and curl up and do nothing but write!

    I admire you for being Vegan! I’m toying with the idea of going vegetarian (I already eat vegetarian 90% of the time) but then I also want flexibility when I travel so I’m not sure. I feel like its an excuse but at the same time, sometimes I feel like its not!

    • annamalhouse said:

      Ah, thank you! I think we all need a tea day. Vegan traveling can get tricky; sometimes in a foreign place it’s hard to explain what you’re looking for, let alone find it. I try to encourage people to go as vegan as they can reasonably sustain wherever they are, and that can vary widely from place to place!

  2. June Roberta said:

    How can I get your blogs on a regular basis? Just found you.

    • annamalhouse said:

      Thank you! There should be a little “follow” widget in the bottom corner of the page; I think it gives you the option to get email updates, or get them through WordPress. I hope that works!

  3. nite.crone said:

    What are your favorite kind of teas?

  4. Love your blog header!

  5. I found your blog via a polyamory search, a subject which does not resonate with me in particular, and I was moved and fascinated by it nonetheless. Since, I think I’ve read all of your posts with great interest. There is something magical happening here. It would be a crime for your talent not to lead to great success. All the best.

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